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Girls and guys alike have troubles, don't get me wrong, but girls I believe have it a little bit harder. They want to always make themselves look prettier. Guys are different in that respect. But Aspie girls have it the hardest. They have to fight to learn social structure in the late time of their life unless they are lucky. This group is for Aspie girls who want to talk it out about their problems. Just be yourself and don't hesitate to tell us what is going on.

Get your wings and fly, girls.


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~ If you feel any of the following, this is where you need to release your burdens:

Alone, Depressed, Dark minded, Agony, Misery, Worthless, Scared
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Feb 7, 2010


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Hello! And welcome to Aspie Girls! I am pleased that you are here today!

This is a place where you can share experiences and deviations about your aspie life!

For those visiting for the first time, and have never heard of Asperger's(AS). I shall give you some information of why we are all here.

Asperger's Disorder(AS) is a high function form of Autism. Individuals with this disorder are characterized by social isolation, and eccentric behavior in childhood. There are impairments in two-sided social interaction. Such as, no eye contact with individuals, no facial expressions, posture, or gestures. However, people with Asperger's obtain language skills, without much delay. Clumsiness may be prominent both in their articulation and gross motor behavior. They usually have a circumscribed area of interest which usually leaves no space for more age appropriate, common interests.

People with Asperger's can become obsessed on a certain topic, so much, that they can't concentrate on anything else. They want to know more about the topic, and don't talk at all about anything else.

Children with Asperger's will talk about the obsessed subject continuously, with no ending point.

People with Asperger's maybe have a hard time forming relationships with children, or adults their own age.

They are unable to respond emotionally to certain situations.

They are not lenient with routines.

Some children may have delays in motor movements. Such as, learning to ride a bicycle, tying shoe laces.

These are just a few examples with someone who has Asperger's. Some people may have mores symptoms, some people may have less symptoms. Everyone person is different.

There is not one single treatment that can treat Asperger's. Usually the earlier you catch the symptoms, the easier it is to treat it.

Cognitive, speech therapy.
Physical therapy.
Social skills therapy.

Please call your health care provider if your child, or someone close to you, is doing self-harm.

If you would like to learn more, please go to……
Sorry for being inactive as far as the group goes. I usually am good about managing deviations but until now, I had nothing interesting for this group. I noticed some people leaving so I thought now would be a good time to change that. I've decided to create a Chatroom for this group. I'm not sure whether or not to let the link be available, and thusly the chat itself, to everyone 24/7 or if a chat should be held weekly. For now, I'm going to put the link in and for the next few days or so, it's open to everyone until I figure out what I'm going to do. This group is more than simply posting deviations about Asperger's stuff, its about connecting to other girls. So, to enforce that, this idea will be good. Here is the link:… come and join the fun! :D hopefully, this will spice things up around here. The chatroom is free to walk about whatever as long as respect and niceties are kept; this includes Aspie interests or the Disorder in general.
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Seeing through the eyes of fellow deviant's around the world. Related to, and experiencing the life of someone with Asperger's. Ranging from photography, and graphic design pieces. Portraying the life as an Aspie :heart:

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